Rc signifies RaeLynn Conner your face picture taking/videographer

Rc signifies RaeLynn Conner your face picture taking/videographer

They reveals possession of one’s brand name so you’re able to potential customers. The brand really does limitation itself to simply photographers but includes videographers for clients who require the special occasions documented given that a live design.

53. Kala’s Klutz

Kala Kutz try a very good answer to enchantment “cuts” and you can replace it having an effective “K” to help make alliteration to have consumers to keep in mind. It is a proper and cool brand. Kala was a master hairdresser helping men, females, and kids from the barbershop.

54. Patty’s Locs

Patty that is quick to have Patricia. Patty was a beneficial loctician an individual who focuses primarily on the constant maintenance and you can version of dreadlocks. In the place of using the proper spelling of your word, it brand ran getting a cool solution and you may spelled they without the page, “K.”

55. UniquelyMahogany

Mahogany isn’t in any way associated with jewellery but so it helps make the brand even cooler! It’s unique, attention-getting, and you will definitely memorable.

56. BlaqHour

Besides offering songs out-of below ground musicians, BlaqHour releases podcast attacks one to promote so you’re able to enlighten or inspire the listeners. The brand name is a proper reminder of your own white you to definitely it offers their audience.

57. The fresh Ivy Vine

Ivy is a perfect bush one to compliments and also highlights the attractiveness of vegetation. So it brand name is made for setting-up the company as an effective florist. (more…)