TriMedia Staff Burns Hand Mixing Portland Concrete

TriMedia Staff Burns Hand Mixing Portland Concrete

Shelter tales stem from scary close misses, serious wounds, and you may worst case problems. Regardless of the benefit, safeguards stories serve as important reminders to avoid complacent thinking in brand new work environment.

Here are some specific coverage reports on the news, out-of young professionals, and you can a couple from your very own feel.

Bumble-bee Tuna Plant Employee Fatality

Should you an instant Hunting off “Bumble bee tuna bush staff crash”, the news will minimize your on the songs.

Jose Melena, 62, did at the Bumble Bee’s bush when you look at the Santa Fe. The guy inserted an excellent thirty five-foot-much time range new early morning off . An excellent coworker, mistakenly considering Melena is using the restroom, piled brand new range which have 12,100000 pounds away from tuna and you will fired up the oven. Some other personnel turned-off the range regarding the two hours later. Whether it try started, Melena is located in to the.

The new commercial range was dangerously dated. Bumble bee changed all their ovens following crash, charging on $step 3 mil.

Nevertheless they paid off $1.5 mil so you can Melena’s relatives. Various other $1.5 mil additional upwards inside penalties and fees, charges, judge will set you back, and you can miscellaneous expenses. (more…)